Seattle went down in the the Korsvikfjord under the German invasion of Norway, Operation Weserubung 9.April 1940. She was on her way in to Kristiansand when she came under crossfire between the German cruiser Karlsruhe and the Norwegian coastal fortress at Odderøya. The Norwegian forces thought this was a vessel that supported the German forces and started to shoot at her with their 150 mm cannons. She caught fire after several hits and the crew abandoned ship. She continued to burn for several days before she drifted over the fjord and sank at Dvergsnestangen. The wreck was found by Erling Skjold in 1988 on a depth of 20 to 73 meter.

Former names:

140,9 x 18,6 x 7,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7369 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1928 Hamburg  ( D )

GPS: N 58 07 640, E 008 03 149
( Source: OneOcen Dive Resort )

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