Cement 2


Langøya outside Holmestrand has been used for a long time to treat special waste, and several boats has done service to bring it out there.Two of these boats still lies there, and the smallest one of these is the wreck of the steamer Cement 2. Originally the boat came from England, but was bought by Christiania Portland Cementfabrikk and put into transport of concrete between Slemmestad and Kristiania. In the years to come she was used in various tasks, both in transport of concrete and as a tourist boat in the Oslofjord. She was rebuilt during first world war, but the capacity was still too meager, and in 1923 she was rigged down to a barge. The exact date she went down is unknown. The wreck rest outside the pier of NOAH on a depth of  approx 12 to 25 meter. Also see the wreck of Astri.

Former names:
Cement 2

26,3 x 6,4 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
112 grt
Newcastle ( UK ) 1892 Kristiania ( N )

59° 29' 29" N, 10° 22' 47" E

Picture: Cement 2
Courtesy of Bladet Dykking & Kai Garseg