At the naval base Karlsjohansvern in Horten, German forces and uboats was stationed during world war two. Late in the war Allied air attacks increased against the shipping and mining in the Oslofjord, In the evening 23.February 1945 the naval base was attacked by 72 Lancaster and 10 Mosquito planes who laid waste to the base and inflicted losses of 350 human lives. Its believed that Neptun was sunk in this attack. This motorized barge was later raised and beached at Østøya outside Horten and scrapped on site. Right next to the waterline there are still remains of several ships, and parts of Neptuns hull rest just below the surface. Also see the fate of U-1273 and V-6733 Widder.

Former names:
35,3 x 7,8 x 2,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
238 grt
Elmshorn ( D ) 1904
Hamburg ( D )

Pictures: Book by Jan Ingar Hansen
"Bombingen av marineverftet på Horten"
& photo taken 23.Februar 1945

The Norwegian divers magazine Bladet Dykking did an
exclusive article of Østøya and identification of the wrecks done by
the Norwegian Navy & Erling Skjold in 2002