15.December 1950 the one year old ship Rongevær went down at Tjømeboen under a journey from Høyanger to Holmestrand loaded with aluminium. She hit ground on Tjømeboen and sank after ten minutes, and the captain barely had time to call for assistance over radio.The wreck was later surveyed by the salvage vessel Uller, who reported that the wreck had laid herself at rest on a depth of 20 meter. The cargo was salvaged the following year. The wreck is today almost completely buried in the sand and rest approx 200 meter west of the pole on Tjømeboen.

Former names:

99,85 x 22,3 x 10,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
149 grt
Nordveitgrend ( N ) 1949 Bergen ( N )

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