Silvestre was laid down at Fougner Staalbeton Skibsbyggnings Company in Moss in 1919. Six years later she hit ground in the middle of Tjøme 11.September 1925 under a journey from Moss to Kragerø. Due to the damage she was soon after abandoned, and the wreck  still stands high on the reef today on Svartsjærbåen outside Budal. Only a small part of the hull is submerged, and the maximum depth at her stern is 5 meter. As of 2017, the wreck is till standing high on the reef. Also see her sister ships Carlos and Nicanor.

Former names:

85,0 x 20,2 x 10,4 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
159 grt
Moss ( N ) 1919 Christiania ( N )

59°07'23 N 10°22'28 E
( Source: Google Maps )

Picture : Silvestre in 1996
Nils Vik, private collection

Last updated: August 2017