HMS Sterlet


HMS Sterlet was a S class submarine that was built under the modernization of submarines in Royal Navy in the 1930s. The submarine was launched in 1937, and put in service in 2nd Submarine Flotilla. She left on a patrol 8.April 1940 for Skagerak and Norway, and torpedoed 14. April the German artillery school ship Brummer. Its is believed she was sunk by German submarine hunters 18.April or went on a mine outside Nevlunghavn. Lieutenant Gerard Henry Haward and his whole went down with her. The wreck is according to Forum Skagerakm resting today on a depth of approx 49 meter southwest of Nevlunghavn.

Former names:
HMS Sterlet
N 22
202,6 x 24,0 x 10,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
670 displ
Chatham ( UK ) 1937 Dundee ( UK )

N 58 57 E 09 50
( Forum Skagerak )

 Picture: HMS Sterlet
Wikipedia, Public domain

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