Monitor Thor


The time had run out for the once so mighty Monitors, and Norway like so many other countries, started to get rid of her old ships in the navy after the end of First World War. This also was to became the faith of Thor, but instead of being transformed to nails other useful metal debris, she became a popular wreck dive. Under tow she grounded on the south-west side of Hoftøya outside Verdens Ende under a storm 7. March 1919 and sank. The remains her rest today on a depth of approximately 10 to 15 meter. There are still a few monitors left in the world, like HMAS Cerberus, USS Monitor, Rusalka, SMS Leitha Huascar in Peru and HNLMS Buffel in Rotterdam just to mention a few.

Former names:

199,0 x 46,4 x 12,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2003 grt
Horten ( N ) 1872 Horten ( N )

GPS: N 59 03.226 E 010 30.664

Picture: Drawing of HNoMS Skorpionen, sister ship of Thor
Wikipedia, Public domain