U 735


After France had been recaptured by the Allies after the invasion in Normandy in 1944, the Germans sent many of their uboats from France to Norway. Under an Allied air raid against Horten and Moss 28.December 1944 she was hit at the bow section and went down with her commander Oberleutnant Hans Joachim Börner and 40 men. Only one man survived the sinking.  The wreck was found by the Norwegian navy vessel KNM Tyr in September 1999 on a depth of 190 meter southeast of Mølen. Also see the ships Holmengraa and Nordvard, both victims from the air raid.

Former names:
U 735

224,1 x 35,2 x 13,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ ( surfaced ) Schichau ( D ) 1942 Horten ( N )
N 59.28 E 10.29

Picture:  The wreck of U 735

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