V-6733 Widder


Generaldirektor Balin was a trawler built in 1912 for the German company Cuxhavener Hochseefischerei. The history is a bit unclear, but she did service as both a fishing trawler and navy vessel. She was requisitioned by the Norwegian navy in 1939 and thereafter by Kriegsmarine in June 1940 while she laid in Narvik. She first did service in 63. Vorpostenboot Flotille as V-6302, and from 1944 in the newly formed 67.Vorpostenboot Flotille as V-6733 Widder. She was sunk under a British air raid against the navy base in Horten 23. February 1945. She was scrapped at Østøya after the end of the war, and the remains of her, lies scattered out along the shoreline and just below the waterline. The area is a military zone and is normally off limits. Also see the fate of Neptun and the German uboat U-1273.

Former names:
V-6533 Widder
Generaldirektor Ballin,
Kvitøy, Widder, NN 03,V-6302.
125,6 x 22,3 x 11,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
209 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1912
Horten ( N )

Picture: Horten after the air raid in 1945
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