Altenfels was a cargo steamer laid down by Vukan Werft AG in Germany, and was launched in 1925 for the company Deutsche Dampfschifffahrts Gesellschaft Hansa.Not much details about her history is known, exept she sailed in various routes worldwide until the outbreak of World War Two. She was torpedoed and sunk by Norwegian MTB's 620 and 626 outside Huftarøy 4. June 1943. She was hit by a torpedo mid ships and went down in the deep in less than a minute. The wreck rest today on her keel on a depth of 240 meter southeast of Trælsøy. According to the Norwegian website Kulturminnesøk, the ship bell was salvaged in 1989.

Former names:

148,7 x 18,4 x 8,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
8132 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1925
Bremen ( D )
60°07'21.7"N 5°16'24.5"E

Picture: Altenfels
Courtesy of DDG Hansa

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