The German steamer Ansgir was built by Friedrich Krupp AG in Kiel, and was launched in 1921. Four years later she was sold to Norddeutscher Lloyd and renamed Anhalt. She was used before the invasion of Poland in September 1939 as a troop transport to carry soldiers to East Prussia, before she started transporting iron ore from Narvik. In December 1942 the British destroyers HMS Offa and HMS Chiddingfold was part of a commando raid against Vågsøy. Their primary task was protection and secondary targets the German shipping. Anhalt was spotted outside Vågsøy 27.December 1941 and was quickly taken under fire. Severely damaged but still afloat, she was soon beached. The year after she was re-floated and towed to safe harbor. She was sunk by an Allied air attack 13.May 1942 in Nordfjord.

Former names:
Octavia,Ansgir 124,4 x 16,56 x 10,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5870 grt Kiel ( D ) 1922 Bremen ( D )

Picture: Ansgir
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