Bristol Beaufighter


Bristol Beaufighter airplanes wa a vital part of the Allied warfare against the enemy shipping along the Norwegian coastline under second world war. One of the greatest air battles over Norway during the war took place 9.February 1945 over Naustdal and Førde. The Allies sent 32 planes who encountered 12 German Focke Wulf planes, and the total losses after the air battle counted ten Allied planes versus four planes lost for the Germans. During the war several planes also crashed or had to emergency land in the Høydalsfjorden.  One of the planes from the battle over Naustdal in 1945 has been found and rest today on the east side of Hjortøya. The remains of her rest today on a depth of 18 to 30 meter.

Former names:
Bristol Beaufighter

12,6 x 17,6 x 4,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
7 tons ( empty ) ( UK ) ( UK )

Picture: Bristol Beaufighter
Courtesy of Bae Systems