The Estonian steamer was on a journey from Rotterdam to Murmansk in a convoy when she was attacked by German airplanes in late April 1940 outside Sognefjord. To avoid more attacks its decided to seek shelter inside Aurlandsfjord. They anchor up close to a steep mountain wall, but 25.April she is again spotted by a German reconnaissance plane. Not long after she is attacked by German planes with machine cannons, severely wounding her. Norwegian forces later heads out to Begonia and scuttle her with explosives. One of the crew who died under the attack was later buried in Flåm, while the rest of the crew joined up with the Norwegian forces and headed north. The wreck rest today in the Aurlandsfjord outside Flåm on a depth of 15 to 32 meter.

Former names:
Aros, Silkeborg, Elisabeth Maersk, Gullborgsund 265,5 x 35,5 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1591 grt Sunderland ( UK ) 1931  ( EST )

GPS: 60° 52.136´N 07° 7.392´E
Picture: Begonia
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