Dora Fritzen


The steamer Great City was built in England in 1914, and sailed under British flag until 1936 when she was renamed to Richmond Hill. The year after she was bought by a Greek company, and was renamed to Adamastos. The year after she was bought by the Germans and got her final name as Dora Fritzen. She was designated by Kriegsmarine as R5N for the upcoming invasion of England, operation Seelöwe, but the operation never pulled off.  She returned soon after to her duty as a freighter again with her old name. She was spotted outside Askvold by the Norwegian motor torpedo boat 722 and attacked with torpedoes 6.January 1945. She went down in the deep 22:00 that same night. Today the wreck rest on a depth of approximately 50 meter outside Askrova.

Former names:
Dora Fritzen
Great City, Richmond Hill, Adamastos,R5N, R2N 265,5 x 35,5 x 16,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6888 grt ( UK ) 1914 Emden ( D )

GPS: N 61 29,4 E 04 58 00
Picture: Dora Fritzen
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