15.December 1944 a German convoy of six ships crosses the Sognefjord under cover of the dark night with Ferndale in the lead. Late in the night the convoy have reached Krakhellesundet, but strong current has mislead the captain on Ferndale and Seglsteinen reef suddenly appears. The German guard boat V-5305 and the tugboat Fairplay X stays with her and wait for help. Later the rescue vessel Parat arrives to assist and try to make her seaworthy. The following day they are attacked by 19 Allied Mosquito airplanes. The attack only last a few minutes, but both Ferndale and Parat is burning. The crews struggle to gain control of the fires but explosions in the cargo of ammunition makes the attempts futile. An hour later another eight more Mosquito's arrives and attacks. The guard boat shoot down one of the planes which crash in the mountain near Seglsteinen. But both ships have received more than they can handle, and they goes down right after the attack. Both of them rest next to each other at Seglsteinen in Krakkhellesundet on a depth of 8 to 50 meter.

Former names:

382,7 x 53,4 x 24,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4302 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1926 Oslo ( N )

61° 9' 14" N, 5° 1' 4" E

Picture: Ferndale
Originally from skovheim.org