Patent  was a coastal steamer laid down with a composite concrete and steel hull by Fougners Staal Beton Compagnie in Moss, and was launched in January 1919 for the Norwegian company Lødrups Rederi AS in Oslo. She changed both name and owners a few times before she sailed as Foldin for Mr. Øberg in Oslo. Under a journey from Sauda to Larsnes in ballast, she hit ground in a storm 18. January 1929 in the Aspøyfjord. The crew of twelve men got away from the accident without injuries. According to local newspapers in 1929 the ship was abandoned with her stern sunk but her bow still visible above the waterline. Today an old wreck rest at Solund that is believed to be the wreck of the old steamer. The bow of the wreck is still visible on the surface and her stern rest on a depth of approximately fifteen meters at at the Kvernshus reefs south of the island of Ospa.

Former names:
141,0 x 27,6 x 13,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  457 grt
Moss ( N ) 1919
Oslo ( N )

61°11'41.6"N 4°46'52.6"E

Picture: The wreck of Foldin in the late 1990's
Courtesy of Skipet, Public domain

Last updated: October 2011