The steamer Älvdrottningen was built by Lindholmen Varv AB in Sweden, and was launched in 1875. She changed both name and owners several times before she ended up with Norwegian owners in 1897. In 1908 she was rebuilt and had both her length and tonnage slightly increased. She almost survived two world wars, but in 1945 her luck ran out. Under a journey from Bergen to Samanger she was attacked by RAF airplanes outside in the Korsfjord 8.January 1945. Several people lost their lives under the attack. She was clearly marked with nationality marks and sailed for the Norwegian civil home fleet. After the attack she was still afloat, and the crew tried to head for shore to beach her, but at Korsneset the bow was already submerged and soon after she went down. The German occupation forces in Norway used the incident in their propaganda with some rights, but like so many others things in the German propaganda under the war, it was highly exaggerated. The battered wreck rest today on a depth of 25 to 35 meter south of Korsneset.

Former names:
Älvdrottningen, Sarö,Kinnekulle, Hanko, Haugesund, Fuse
111,8 x 19,1 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
172 grt Göteborg ( S ) 1875 Bergen ( N )

GPS: N E 005. 15. 24.6

Picture: Fusa
Originally from skovheim.org