The steamer Livonia was built by Seath & Company in Glasgow, and was launched in 1868. for the German company 

Baltische Dampfschiffahrts Gesellschaft. Sjhe was sold several times in the 1880s, and was rebuilt in 1889. In 1906 she was bought by HSøbstadin Kristiansund in Norway and renamed Haakon. Under a journey from Haugesund to Kristiansund she hit ground in Brattholmsundet 29. January 1910, and was written of as a total loss.  The wreck rest today between the reefs Båtskjær and Maiskjær outside Austrheim. The depth is 30 to 40 meter with the stern as the shallowest part.

Former names:
Livonia, Mercur 149,ox 22,2 x 9,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
333 grt / 195 nrt Glasgow ( UK ) 1868 Kristiansund ( N )

N 60 48.587, E 4 47,6123