Kilbulk ran aground outside Austrheim 27.July 1987 under a journey from Årdal to Måløy loaded with sand. After the accident an emergency call was sent out, and while she was stuck on Mikkelsbåen the crew was washed over board by the rough sea. She was pulled down later that day by the rough seas. The wreck rest today split in two parts with the stern standing as a classic Donald Duck wreck, while the bow lies upside-down. The depth is approx 26 to 35 meter, some hundred meter northeast of the pole on Mikkelsbåen.

Former names:
Lenno, Strilnes, Valderøy 56,6 x 9,3 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
298 grt Trondheim ( N ) 1968 ( N )

60° 49' 12" N, 4° 44' 48" E

Picture: Lenno
Courtesy of Skipshistorie