M 1


The minesweeper M 1 was laid down at Stüclken in Germany in 1936, and launched the following year for the German Kriegsmarine. She was sunk by British Avro Lancaster airplanes 12.January 1945 in the Byfjord north of Bergen. The British planes had orders to bomb the uboat pens in Bergen, but as secondary target any enemy shipping. The crew on M 1 sat course for Helleneset but was hit by a bomb which immediately sunk her. The wreck was surveyed by SFT and Stolt Comex in 1996 and rest today on a depth of 340 meter north of Lønborg.

Former names:
M 1

68,1 x 8,7 x 2,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
870 grt Stulcken ( D ) 1937 Bergen ( N )

Picture A German minesweeper in 1936
Originally from skovheim.org