Tram # 50


Less known to many people are that Bergen used to have tram transportation back in the days. In fact as many as 160 trams were used between 1893 to 1965, run by the company Bergen Sporveier AS. The last tram serviced the streets in Bergen on New Years eve 1965. After the shut down of this public service, the company discarded their remaining wagons. Some were sold, others were scrapped, while a few were dumped in the sea. At Knektholmen outside Askøy two of these still rest on the sea bed on a depth of approximately 30 meter. Earlier the number plate 50 was clearly visible, but the old age is starting to take their toll on these fragile wagons.

Former names:
Tram # 50

12,2 x 2,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:

( N )
Bergen ( N )
60° 24' 29" N, 5° 14' 23" E

Picture_ The veteran tram # 3
Courtesy of Bergensavisen