The steamship Optima was built in Bremen in Germany, and was launched in 1926. She was extensively used under second world war to transport supplies for the German forces in Norway. Under her last journey she carried supplies for the German high command in northern Norway, and rumors says that it was the Easter supplies which included goodies like wine and cheese that was on its way to the high ranking officers. She laid at anchor in Florø harbor when the Norwegian MTB 619 attacked and sunk her her with torpedoes 14.March 1943. Today the wreck rest on her port side outside the pier on the north side of Ankerløkken wharf in Florø harbor on a depth of 28 to 40 meter.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
1249 grt  Bremen ( D ) 1926 Bremen ( D )

61° 36' 15" N, 5° 3' 14" E

Picture: Optima
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