Nesøy was laid down at Bergens Mekaniske Verksted as yard #145 in 1933 for the company Fylkesbaatene i Sogn & Fjordane. She was used as a coastal ferry, in the routes to northern Norway and in western parts of Norway. In second world war she was attacked by a German airplane in April 1940, causing two people to be injured. Late in the war she was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine and used in the evacuation of Finnmark county. She survived the war and was modernized in 1961 with a new engine.Ten years later she was sold to Misje Mekaniske Verksted and was renamed Rusken. In the late 1970's she changed owners several times, before she was condemned and stricken from the official ship lists in 1979. Used as a breakwater, she rest today partly submerged at Sandnes, east of Fodnes.

Former names:
93,9 x 19,3 x 9,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
139 grt / 73 nrt
Bergen ( N ) 1933
Lærdal( N )

Pictures: Nesøy as a ferry, and Rusken as a breakwater in 2020
Courtesy of Fylkesarkivet i Vestland & Hermund Kleppa

Last updated: November 2020