Sao Paulo


The steamer Sao Paulo participated in the German invasion of Norway 9.April 1940, Operation Weserübung, as a freighter for the German Kriegsmarine loaded with different military equipment and vehicles to supply the Wehrmacht. The ship lane towards Bergen was mined earlier that day by the Norwegian mine layer KNM Tyr, and she was struck by two of these and went down in the deep within a few minutes. The wreck of Sao Paulo rest today south of Vatlestraumen on a depth of approximately 90 meter.

Former names:
Sao Paulo
Glucksburg, Alrich 110,2 x 15,7 x 9,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4977 grt Schichau ( D ) 1921 Hamburg ( D )
60° 19' 29" N, 5° 11' 52" E

Picture: Sao Paulo
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