Sæl was laid down at the Norwegian navy's shipyard in Horten, and was launched in 1901, She had just like the other naval units done service as a guard and neutrality boat along the coast under the first world war, and at the outbreak of second world war she was in the 4. Torpedo boat division together with HNoMS Storm and HNoMS Brand. 18.April 1940 they received a verbal order to set sail and search for three German S-boats. In the afternoon they open fire against two German S-boats they spotted in Onarheimfjorden, and a small engagement took place the next twenty minutes. During their withdrawal she hit a reef and was stuck. The crew abandoned ship and she was written of as a total loss. The few and scattered remains of Sæl was found in the 1960s by divers in Veavika south east on Aanuglo, and rest today on a depth of approximately 25 meter.

Former names:

39,9 x 4,9 x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
107 grt Horten ( N ) 1901 Bergen ( N )

59° 55' 16" N, 5° 43' 25" E

Picture: Sæl in 1905
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