Mlawka was built in Germany and was launched in 1880. She was sold to a Norwegian owner in 1906 and was renamed Sterk. She sank 13.September 1909 in Skatestraumen at Bremanger  under a journey from Larsnes to Fredrikstad loaded with stone and had a crew of 16 men when they sailed into a storm. 11.30 p.m. she ran aground and water flooded her. It only took a few minutes before she went down, and seven men lost their lives in the accident. The rest of the crew were rescued by the vessel Astrea who witnessed the tragedy and came to assist. The wreck rest today as a classic Donald Duck wreck on her keel at Bremanger in Skatestraumen on a depth of approximately 20 to 30 meter.

Former names:
Mlawka 189,0 x 27,1 x 15,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
762 grt Danzig ( D ) 1880 Kristiansand ( N )

61° 52' 17" N, 5° 13' 28" E

Picture: The wreck of Sterk in 1996
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