The steamer Svanholm was built by Wood,Skinner & Company in England, and was launched in 1905 for a Danish company. She changed owners several times during her career, and at the outbreak of first world war she still hoisted the Danish flag. Under the Great War many ships sailed in the neutral waters along the Norwegian coast to avoid the war zones around the British islands and the North Sea.  Under a journey from Sweden to England, she was spotted by the German uboat U-94 under command of Kapitänleutenant Alfred Saalwächter outside Florø 16. August 1917. The uboat opened fire with their deck gun and soon Svanholm disappeared in the deep.The wreck of Svanholm rest today on a depth of approximately 100 meter southwest of the island Reksta.


Former names:

250,0 x 29,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1400 grt
Newcastle ( UK ) 1905
København ( DK )

61º 31´N 4° 45´E
( Source: Scarsbrook )

Picture: Svanholm
Courtesy of N N Ships

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