Tore Hund


Tore Hund was laid down by Brødrene Lothe in Haugesund, and was launched in January 1969 for the Norwegian company Nordlandslinjen AS. She  was used in regular service as a coastal freighter in the nothern and western parts of Norway. Under a journey southbound to Svelgen she hit ground at Trollebøflua 17.September 1977. Soon after the accident she capsized and sank in the deep together with one man from the crew. The wreck of her rest today on depth of approximately 45 to 60 meter, one nautical mile north of Måløy bridge at Trollebøflua.

Former names:
Tore Hund

191.9 x 30.3 x 16.5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
460 grt / 195 nrt Haugesund ( N ) 1969 Harstad ( N )

61° 56' 45" N, 5° 8' 15" E

Picture: Tore Hund

Courtesy of Sjøhistorie