U 1053


U 1053 was laid down by Krupp Germaniawerft AG in Kiel in February 1943, and was launched in January 1944. She was sent to 5. Unterseeboot Flotille one month later for sea trials and training. In November 1944 she was transferred to Bergen in Norway and 11. Flotille for active duty. During an deep dive exercise outside Bergen 15.February 1945 she sank with all hands lost. The wreck was located by the Norwegian navy broken in several parts in March 2010 in Byfjorden, northwest of Bergen on a depth of 350 meter.

Former names:
U 1053

67,1 x 6,2 x 4,74 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
769 displ ( surfaced ) Kiel ( D ) 1943 Bergen ( N )

Picture: Type VII C class
Courtesy of Uboat.net

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