U 864


The German uboat U 864 was a type IXD was laid down by AG Weser in Bremen, and was launched in August 1943. She was sent to 4.Unterseeboot Flotille for training, and in November the same year transferred to active duty in 33. Flotille in Flensburg. Under a journey to Japan loaded with mercury and mechanical parts, she was sunk 9.February 1945 west of Bergen by torpedoes from the British submarine HMS Venturer. The whole crew of 73 went down in the deep with her. The wreck was discovered by the Norwegian navy vessel KNM Tyr in the spring of 2003, approximately two nautical miles west of the island of Fedje on a depth of 140 to 150 meter.

Former names:
U 864

287,4 x 24,7 x 33,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1616 displ ( surfaced )  Bremen ( D ) 1942 Bergen ( N )

N 60.46, E 04.35

Picture: Type VIIC uboat
Courtesy of Uboat.net
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