Calsium was a coastal steamer built by Norrköping Varfs & Verkstad AB i Sweden, and was launched in 1918 for the company Nordtransport in Stockholm. She changed hands a couple of times before she in 1927 was sold to a Norwegian company in Bergen in 1937 who renamed her Torvang. She changed hands again three years later and sailed as Varefjell for Leif Skoglund AS in Haugesund. She hit ground at Krossneset near Uskedalen 29. December 1942. The stranded vessel was moored up but she slid of and disappeared in the deep not long after. The wreck rest today on a depth of 70 meter northwest of Gullholmen, and some oil spill has been observed now and then from the wreck site.

Former names:
Calsium, Julia, Hagar, Torvang
141,9 x 28,1 x 11m1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
412 grt
Norrköping ( S ) 1918
Haugesund ( N )

59°56'41.3"N 5°52'07.5"E
Approximate position

Picture: Varafjell
Courtesy of Våre Motorskip, Public Domain

Last updated: January 2021