Welheim was a supply vessel for the German forces during second world war, and was loaded with coal when she sank 28.November 1944 south of Tansøy. The German commander for "Westküste" Von Schraeder.was in a hopeless situation towards the end of 1944 with responsibility stretching from Stavanger to Stadt. The Allied "Anti-shipping" missions along the coast had laid waste to their shipping, and the safest way of avoiding unnecessary losses was to send convoys with escorts and preferably at night. 27.November Schraeder sign the order to send a small convoy from Bergen to Ålesund. The largest vessel in this convoy is Welheim. She is armed with five antiaircraft guns for protection against airplanes. In a swift assault she is attacked and torpedoed by the Norwegian MTB 717 in the Brufjord. Mortally wounded she set course for Tansøy but goes down shortly after. Today the wreck rest on her port side on a depth of 15 to 70 meter.

Former names:

134,7 x 18,4 x 6,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5455 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1939 Hamburg ( D )

Picture: Welheim
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