Aksel Gullsjø


The fishing boat Aksel Gullsjø was built in 1958 at Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri in Uskedalen, and changed owners several times before she ended up on the sea bed outside Nesodden. She was stricken from the ship lists in 1992, and its uncertain when the ship was sunk, or the reason,but its believed it happened in the early 2000`s since her last owner was registered in 1999. The wreck rest today outside the pier at Alvern on depth of approximately 13 to 18 meter.

Former names:
Aksel Gullsjø

67,0 x ? x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
49 grt
Uskedalen ( N ) 1958 Tønsberg ( N )

59° 49' 7" N, 10° 37' 4" E
( Source: Dykkepedia )

Picture: Aksel Gullsjø
Courtesy of Jekt & Jaktfart