The German Kampfgruppe V led by the heavy cruiser Blücher, steamed towards the Oslofjord. 8.April 1940. The torpedo boat Albatros was part of this group and encountered the Norwegian guard boat HNoMS Pol III in the outer part of the fjord. After a short engagement Pol III crash into her. The crew on Albatros can see the cannon on the guard boat is manned and opens fire. The commander Leif Welding-Olsen on board Pol III is killed and becomes the first Norwegian casualty in second world war. Albatros was engaged in battles at both the naval base at Horten and the coastal fortress Bolærne fortress 8 and 9. April. After she put a shore 96 soldiers, she set course up the fjord. Not long after she hit ground at Gyren in high speed and is totally stuck. The wreck was written of as a total loss, and inventory and weapons were salvaged. A month later she broke in two parts and disappeared in the deep. The remains of her rest today spread out on the southeast and northeast side of the pole at Gjyren. Wreck debris lies scattered on a depth of 10 to 45 meter with the shallowest parts on the northeast side. Also see the story of Sørland that was engaged by the German battle group.

Former names:

287,0x 27,7x 12,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
997 grt
Wilhelmshaven ( D ) 1926 ( D )

Picture: Albatros
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