Bergsvik was built by Jos L Meyer in Papenburg, and was launched in 1893. She did service for the German Kaiserliche Marine during first world war, and for Kriegsmarine under the second one. She was given to Norway and the Trade Department by the Allies in 1946, and put in service for Friis & Tandberg Bjergingskompani. In 1949 she was rebuilt to a motor vessel and was re-measured to 260 gross tons. Under a journey from Svelgen to Oslo loaded with iron, she collided with the vessel Corvius at Mefjordboen and sank 5.March 1966. The wreck rest today on a depth of 150 meter.

Former names:
Mellum, Raggen II, Tandik, Fornebo 132,5 x 23,0 x 12,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
260 grt
Papenburg ( D ) 1893 Kopervik ( N )

N 59 01 E 10 45

Picture: Bergsvik
From "Langs Kysten"