In the inner most part of the Bunnefjord near Bekkstrand bus stop lies a small private marina. All over this bay and along the marina lies several wrecks of recreational boats and private yachts. The Identity of these are unknown and if you wish to dive here at least its a good place for training your skills under bad visibility and sharp dangerous metal objects on the sea bottom.  The Bunnefjord has a long water residence time, and the water is of poor quality. The wrecks rest spread out on several locations on a depth of 5 to 15 meter. Also see the of wrecks of Geir-Finn not far from Bonnebukta, or the remains of the deck cargo from the steamer Donau at Skiphelle.

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59°43'08.4"N 10°43'00.2"E

Picture: Bonnebukta, Viken county
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Last updated: April 2018