The steamer Donau was usually transporting supplies during second world war, and Norwegian Jews to Germany in 1942. On her last voyage she was loaded with equipment for the Austrian mountain troops in Norway. She was sabotaged by Max Manus and Roy Nielsen with a " little help " from a few Limpet mines which they placed under the waterline on her hull in Oslo harbor. It was meant that these mines should sink Donau in open waters, but the mines went off too early and the captain was able to beach her at Skiphelle. This happened 17.January 1945 and there she was left shipwrecked, with her stern above the waterline until 1953. The company Høvding had the rights to salvage her, towed the wreck to Oslo and scrapped her. One of her ship bells are displayed today in Norways Resistance Museum in Oslo. Only the cargo is left today, which includes trucks, boogies and a motorcycle. The remains rest today in two batches on a depth of 15 to 25 meter, and other remains on a depth of approximately 60 meter. Also see the wreck of Sørland, sunk in April 1940.

Former names:

166,4 x 19,4 x 8,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
9043 grt
Hanburg ( D ) 1929 Bremen ( D )

59° 38' 13" N, 10° 38' 31" E

Picture: Donau
Courtesy of Passagierlisten DE

Last updated: January 2021