Max Morris was a steamer laid down by J.Morris in England, and was launched in January 1884. After a couple of transfers and new names, she ended up in Norwegian hands in 1907, and was renamed to Edith. Under a journey from Manchester  to Kristiania loaded with general goods, she collided with the British steamer Oxford north of Drøbak 23.April 1909. The accident was published as a catastrophe in the newspapers, since sixteen people lost their lives. The wreck rest today in two separate parts on a depth of 23 to 72 meter outside Båtstø, with her bow as the shallow part.

Former names:
Max Morris, Starlight
255,5 x 34,3 x 20,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1446 grt
Whitehaven ( UK ) 1884 Kristiansand ( N )

N 59 41.890 E 10 35.951

Pictures: Edith's anchor in Drøbak
Nils Vik, private collection ( 2007 )
Last updated: January 2021