The steamer Framnes was a local passenger boat which regularly sailed between the cities of Drammen and Kristiania. She was certified for 128 passengers but on her last journey 30.November 1914 she didn't carry any passengers. Inbound to Kristiania loaded with general goods and paper, she capsized and sank at Syversvolden between Drammen and Svelvik in bad weather with heavy winds and rain.The Captain was later fined with 150 Norwegian crowns which was quite a big fine at that time! The wreck was found in 2004 on a depth of 115 meter.

Former names:

109,9x 19,0x 8,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
180 grt
Sandefjord ( D ) 1896 Larvik ( N )

Picture: Framnes
From an article in Sandefjord Blad, 1976