Very little is know about this ship, except a few technical details and where she was built thanks to official lists and sources. The wreck rest right outside the bus stop at Brekkstrand along Nessetveien ( Nesset road ). She rest on her keel with the bow towards shore on a depth of approx 5 to 20 meter right below the footbridge. For divers it can be of notable interest that the wreck site  usually offer very poor visibility.

Former names:

88,1x 20,1x 9,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
103,7 grt
Brattvåg ( N ) 1944 Egersund ( N )

59° 43' 36" N, 10° 43' 50" E

Picture: Wreck if Geir-Finn
on a "lucky day" with decent visibility
Stein Sæterøy
©  2006

Haltvik pointing at the position of Geir-Finn
Nils Vik, private collection ( 2003 )

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