Pallas wrecked at Stalsberget on the south side of Jeløya outside Moss 18.November 1919. The barque was on a journey from Leith in Scotland to Kristiania with a cargo of 830 tons of coal. The night before the accident it blew up to a gale with strong winds and snow, and with heavy thoughts about all the mines that still floated around in the North sea after the Great War, the crew had enough to think about for their next journey. The weather conditions was getting worse during the evening and night and four o'clock the following morning Pallas hit driftet and hit ground on Sauetogrunne outside Stalsberget. The sea flowed in through her starboard side and soon the order to abandon ship was given. In the following weeks cargo and inventory was salvaged from the wreck, but the wreck was soon abandoned. There isnt much left of her today, and the few remains rest in the bay of Stalsberget on a depth of 15 to 20 meter.

Former names:

150,1 x 33,1 x 18,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
620 grt
Tvedestrand ( N ) 1881 Tønsberg ( N )

59° 25' 5" N, 10° 35' 25" E

Picture: Pallas shipwrecked at Stalsberget
Norwegian Maritime Museum