The steamer Selma went down in the deep after a final explosion 11.January 1944. She had been anchored at Hellvikflu outside Nesodden after the "accident" at Filipstad 19.December 1943, which is in the history books called " The Filipstad Accident". That accident devastated Oslo harbor and large parts of the city all the way up to Drammensveien. A ship that laid not far from Selma when the accident happened was the German Johann Faulbaum which got away from the accident unharmed, but was sunk later in Finnmark. The Filipstad Accident turned the freighter Selma who was loaded with 1200 tons of ammunition, into a burning wreck at the harbor. Ammunition storage in the harbor was ignited and started to explode 14:28 in the afternoon. If the explosion occurred by sabotage or is an accident is still a mystery and is still debated. 36 men perished and another 400 were injured. Selma was towed out of the harbor and laid at anchor outside Hellvik where she after the explosion in January 1944. As a curiosity, in the summer 1995 workers dug up a grenade in the Royal Castle park in Oslo which originated from the accident in 1943. The remains rest today on a depth of 14 to 25 meter, approx 150 meter southeast of the green pole outside Hellvikflu.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
1414 grt
Kiel ( D ) 1924 Stettin ( D )

GPS: N 59 51.852 E 10 41.020

Picture: Selma
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Picture most likely from Erling Skjold / NSA
Recommended reading: "Filipstad i flammer 1943"
Published in 1963 by G.Mortensens Forlag
( Norwegian language )

Picture: Filipstad burning December 1943

Erling Skjold - Norwegian Shipwreck Archive:
"Several other vessels were present, and damaged. The only one to sink was the river motorbarge O-06-Pmot / Ulmbrüder II (334 dwt) - later raised. It was the ammunition ashore which exploded, and left the Selma as a burning wreck. She was towed away by the aux. whalers V-5715 / Flandern and V-6107 / Polarkreis, while the fireboat Sjøsprøyt 1 assisted in distinguish the fire. This extremely dangerous work was done in charge of the destroyer Erich Steinbrinck"