Sir John Lawrence


The barque hit ground at Strutsrevet 3. October 1904 under a journey from London to Fredrikstad to be scrapped. The crew of thirteen men all went down with the ship in the cold deep water. Salvage operations were launched three years later when a company found the wreck in shallow waters. The Norwegian maritime museum used to have several items salvaged from her in their exhibition, and at the time of her misfortune several local newspapers also published articles about her. In 1996 after six years of searching for her wreck, she was found by two divers. But this time the wreck was not in shallow waters anymore, but rested on a depth of 40 meter.

Former names:
Sir John Lawrence

Tons: Built: Home Port:
1121 grt
Liverpool ( UK ) 1859 Tønsberg ( N )

9° 6' 47" N, 10° 44' 29" E

Picture: Sir John Lawrence
Nils Vik,private collection