The remains of the motor barge Solodd rest today on a depth of 1 to 6 meter west of Kjeholmen in Kjellandsvik on the east side of Jeløy. The barge went down on christmas eve 24.December 1949 south of Moss, but was later raised and scuttled in Kjellandsvik. The bay was used as a dumping site for condemned ships until 1987 when the local wharf shut down their business. Another unknown barge and two floating docks from the old Moss Skipsverft that its believed to have been scuttled sometime after second world war also rest in the shallow bay.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
155 grt
( N ) 1938 ( N )

59° 27' 34" N, 10° 39' 34" E
( Source : Dykkepedia )

Picture: Solodd at Moss shipyard
Courtesy of Moss Vel

Last updated: January 2021