Sørland was the first Norwegian civilian vessel that were sunk by the Germans under the invasion of Norway, operation Weserübung, 9.April 1940. Sørland was in the same lane as the German Kampfgruppe V which included the cruisers Emden and Blücher who were on their way to Oslo. She was taken under fire by the German R boats R18 and R19 early in the morning and set on fire. Captain Asbjørn Martinsen sat course for shore and beached her close to Elle lighthouse near Skiphelle. Two men out of the crew of six perished in the engagement and fire. She was loaded with paper and combined with her wooden hull she was totally burned down and destroyed by the fire. The few remains of her was found south of Skiphelle near Ekeberg farm on a depth of 3 meter.

Former names:
Chansen, Randi, Motosa 92,4 x 18,2 x 11,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
107 grt
Risør ( S ) 1920 Molde ( N )

Picture: Sørland
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