Svestad is a marina a bit north of Fagerstrand on Nesodden in Akershus county. In this area there are several small wrecks,mostly wooden wrecks of recreational boats or old fishing boats. In general not much of particular interest, but one of  the wrecks is an unknown steel barge. And probably the only wreck of some interest in the area. The barge is often referred to as "the Svestad barge" and combined with her decent size and shallow depth she is a quite popular dive. The barge rest on her keel as a classic "Donald Duck" wreck on a depth of approx 7 to 20 meter with a slight listing.

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59° 46' 47" N, 10° 35' 39" E

Picture: The wreck of the Svestad barge
From video by Stephan Madsen