IJN Aikoku Maru - 愛国丸


Aikoku Maru was laid down at Mitsui Tamano shipyard in December 1938, and was launched in April 1940. She was quickly requisitioned by the Japanese Imperial navy, and converted to an armed merchant cruiser. Four 150mm and two 76,2 mm cannons and machine guns were installed, together with torpedo tubes. During second world war, she served as a merchant raider, uboat tender and transport ship. In 1942 she participated in capturing the transport ship Hauraki outside Ceylon, among several other vessels sunk or captured during the war. 17.February 1944 she was sunk after being hit four times by bombs and a torpedo by American planes from USS Intrepid. She disappeared in the deep together with more than 900 people. In the 1980's, an expedition retrieved the remains of approximately four hundred men. The remains of the wreck today on a depth of 40 to 64 meters.

Former names:
Aikoku Maru -  愛国丸

527,7 x 66,3 x 28,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10438 grt
Okayama ( JP ) 1938
( JP )

Picture: IJN Aikoku Maru in 1942
Courtesy of Wikipedia, Public domain

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