IJN Akagi - 赤城

Pacific Ocean

Akagi was laid down as a battlecruiser for the Imperial Japanese nay, but under construction it was decided to convert her to an aircraft carrier. Heer keel was laid down in December 1920, and she was launched in April 1925. Her conversion started in 1923, the year after the signing of Washinton Naval Treaty. She was commissioned in 1927, and was extensively modernized the mid 1930s. Under the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 7.December 1941, Akagi as the flagship for the battle group. She participated in the invasion of Rabaul, The Dutch East Indies and the bombardment of Darwin. Under the battle of Midway in 1942, she was heavily damaged by airplanes from USS Enterprise. It was decided by fleet Admiral Yamamoto to scuttle her, and in the morning 5.June she was torpedoed by four of the Japanese destroyers. The wreck was discovered in October 2019 northwest of Pearl Harbor on a depth of 5500 meter.

Former names:
Akagi - 赤城

855,3 x 102,9 x 28,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
36500 displ ( std )
( JP ) 1925
( JP )

30°30′ N 178°40′ W

Picture: IJN Akagi in 1941
US Navy photo NH 73059, Public domain
Last updated: January 2021