The steamer Duke of Sparta was laid down by Willam Gray & Company in Sunderland in England, and was launched in 1940 for the British company Trent Maritime Ltd. She survived the second world war unharmed, and was in 1951 sold to Italian owners in Napoli and renamed to Aquila. While laying at anchor in Ambon bay, three merchant ships were bombed by an unmarked black colored B-26 bomber airplane sent by the American intelligence agency CIA 28.April 1958. One of the ships went down the day after, but Aquila stayed afloat for almost month before she also went down in the deep 27.May. The actual reasons for this black ops and the sinking's are not clear, but Indonesia was at this time a country in turmoil, with the rising of the Permesta rebellion and political unrest. The wreck of Aquila rest today on a depth of approximately 15 to 45 meter right outside Wayame.

Former names:
Duke of Sparta
134,4  x 17,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5397 grt
Sunderland ( UK ) 1940
Napoli ( IT )

Last updated: January 2021