SMS Cormoran


SMS Cormoran, the second ship with this name, was a former Russian freighter that was hi-jacked by the German cruiser SMS Emden 4.August 1914. She was taken to the German colony in Tsingtao in China and refitted as an armored merchantman. After she left Tsingtao she was hunted down by Japanese warships, and they were forced to seek harbor in Guam. Here she laid interned until 7.April 1917 where she was sunk to prevent the ship to fall in American hands. The crew itself was taken prisoners and interned in the USA. The wreck rest today on her starboard side next to the wreck of Tokai Maru on a depth of 33 meter in Apra Harbor.

Former names:
SMS Cormoran

Tons: Built: Home Port:
3500 displ
Elbing ( D ) 1909 Tsingtao ( D ) *

13° 27′ 33″ N, 144° 39′ 15″ E
( Source: Guampedia )

Picture: Cormoran

* Notes:
The German colony at Tsingtao
ended after World War One.